What is this Inkling?

This is my first time to do this Daily Prompt from The Daily Post blog. So, let’s try it.

First of all, this is my first time knowing the word “Inkling”. I mean I’m from Indonesia and English is our foreign language, so maybe it make some sense for me to not knowing the word (It means you need to learn more *cough*).

Inkling, a word which can mean two things, the bad or the good one. It depends. It depends on how you react from this inkling or in the other word, your perspective. When you have an inkling to someone you close with, don’t always assume that he is in the bad position, maybe he has the reason. So what you need to do when you have this inkling? Find Out.

Is this inkling real?
Or just a glimpse of thought?
Is this the little devil on your ear whispering the thought?
Or the little angel who whispering it to you?

You will don’t know what the inkling is, if you don’t find about it.
Find out the truth, don’t just be dragged by your thoughts.

via Daily Prompt: Inkling


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